Instructor Bio

I’m Anastasia, a counselor in the Latino Services Network focusing on students majoring in Environmental Sciences & Studies and Sustainability (as well as Project Survive, and Women's & Gender Studies). I am also the counselor for the departments of Biological Science and Earth Sciences. My counseling work at CCSF (since 2002) is an expression of my commitment to social justice, and I’m passionate about connecting my students with the resources necessary to help you all achieve your goals.  

I practice academic counseling from a holistic and trauma-informed perspective, which means that I check in about and try to connect you with resources (if needed) about: 

  • Your living situation (safe & stable?) 
  • Who in your household is working (COVID-safe?) 
  • Whether you have enough to eat 
  • Whether your parents/grandparents are getting the COVID vaccine 
  • Your immigration status & safety 
  • Whether you need a laptop or access to WiFi 
  • Your mental health and who is in your “COVID bubble” 
  • Your physical health and stress levels 
  • Your study strategies, time management, test taking & learning styles, need for tutoring 

General academic topics I can help with: 

  • Researching transfer & Associate Degree requirements and making accurate, realistic education plans 
  • Strategizing about how to improve GPA, including use of academic renewal 
  • Preparation for competitive schools and programs 
  • Recommending great courses 
  • Making sure you’ve applied for financial aid and scholarships (and addressing probation issues)  
  • Deconstructing math & science fears 
  • Improving applications for scholarships and internships 
  • Information about sustainability-related internships 

I prefer to do appointments via Zoom so we can see each other’s beautiful human faces and I can share my screen so you can see what I’m discussing. I’m available Tuesday-Friday. To schedule an appointment with me, go to: (Links to an external site.) and select Academic Counseling - MRSD 

I have a BA in Psychology from California State University, Fullerton and an MS in Counseling from San Francisco State University. In my free time, I love to read, dance, hike, run, ride my bike, and hang out with my sons.