About CNIT Network Security (Cybersecurity)

The Network Security (Cybersecurity) offers a couple of programs that can bring to the students the possibility of working in the network security field of a typical workplace including analysis, security risks and protection technique for computers, mobile devices, web applications, and telephone networks.

This certificate includes instruction in security risks and protection techniques for mobile devices, Web applications, and telephone networks, and how to manage information security programs. Students completing this certificate program will be qualified for employment as incident response specialists, Chief Security Officers, or malware analysts, and be able to prepare for the (ISC)^2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional exam.

One of the options of the AS Degree is Network Security / Cybersecurity mainly recommended to students changing career with no Bachelor Degree or changing career with a Bachelor Degree that is very distinct from the Information Technology area.

It is also recommended that students refer to the Industry Certificate to pursue certificates as: CompTIA Security+, CISSP Certification, and CEH Certification.

Explore Potential Careers

After completing the program(s) offered by CNIT in the Network Security (Cybersecurity), students will be qualified for the following positions:

  • Incident Response Specialist
  • Chief Security Officer
  • Malware Analyst
  • Cybersecurity Analyst

Program Options

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