About CNIT Front End Web Development

CNIT offers a couple of programs, in the area of front end web development, that can bring to the students the possibility of working in the website or web app development as a freelancer or in a typical workplace including development, deployment, and maintenance of websites and web applications. Students will practice the best techniques when using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, libraries, frameworks, XML, JSON. Students will have hands-on experiences creating and updating a web application, deploying the application to the server or to the cloud server, using the latest standards from W3C with special attention to accessibility and performance.

One of the options of the AS Degree is Web Development which is mainly recommended to students changing career with no Bachelor Degree or changing career with a Bachelor Degree that is very distinct from the Information Technology area.

Explore Potential Careers

After completing the program(s) offered by CNIT in the Front End Web Development, students will be qualified for the following positions:

  • Jr. Front End Developer
  • Front End Developer
  • Front End Engineer
  • UI System Engineer
  • UI System Developer

Program Options

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