VRC course registration and other training materials are listed in the Training Links document on the CMS Editors Microsoft Teams group. These resources require a CCSF Office 365 login.

CMS Login
  • Login to myRAM.
  • Click on the "Drupal - CMS - Prod" tile.
Content Review

After making the desired changes to a page, content editors should add a Revision log message with a short summary of the edits, and save the page in the Needs Review moderation status. Doing so will notify the Web Team of the pending edits so the page can be reviewed and published in a timely manner. If changes are made by the reviewers, or changes are required by the editor, the Web Team will contact the editor via email with details.

Note: Only if a page is set to Needs Review will the Web Team know that the page needs to be reviewed.

PDF documents must be checked for accessibility by the content editor then sent to the Web Team. When approved, the documents will be uploaded to the site and the user will be provided with URLs for generating links.

If documents do not pass the Acrobat Accessibility check, the Web Team may ask that they be reviewed again and remediated before re-submitting. The Web Team will help with remediation changes when possible, but do suggest users become familiar with the process by reviewing the training materials.

See the Training Links document for help remediating and/or creating accessible PDFs.

Banner (Hero) images cannot be uploaded directly by editors. The images should be sent to the Web Team, who will add the image to the page.

Image Guidelines

Tall crops to 1242 x 700px

Short crops to 1243 x 450px