The Board of Trustees of the San Francisco Community College District invites applications and nominations for the position of Chancellor, City College of San Francisco

The Chancellor serves as the Chief Executive Officer of City College of San Francisco and reports directly to the Governing Board, which comprises seven elected members and a student representative. The Board seeks a respected, experienced community college leader with a strong professional reputation to provide unifying and participatory leadership to our dynamic, complex, urban, and diverse district. The Board will undertake a comprehensive search for a permanent chancellor to begin service October 1, 2021.

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City College of San Francisco shall provide a sustainable and accessible environment where we support and encourage  student possibilities by building on the vibrancy of San Francisco and where we are guided by the principles of inclusiveness,  integrity, innovation, creativity, and quality. Empowered through resources, collegiality, and public support, the college will provide diverse communities with excellent educational opportunities and services. We will inspire participatory global citizenship

Consistent with our Vision, City College of San Francisco provides educational programs and services that promote student achievement and life-long learning to meet the needs of our diverse community.

Our primary mission is to provide programs and services leading to
• Transfer to baccalaureate institutions;
• Associate Degrees in Arts and Sciences;
• Certificates and career skills needed for success in the workplace; and
• Basic Skills, including learning English as a Second Language and Transitional Studies.

In the pursuit of individual educational goals, students will improve their critical thinking, information competency, communication skills, ethical reasoning, and cultural, social, environmental, and personal awareness and responsibility.

In addition, the college offers other programs and services consistent with our primary mission as resources allow and whenever possible in collaboration with partnering agencies and community-based organizations.

City College of San Francisco belongs to the community and continually strives to provide an accessible, affordable, and high quality education to all its students. The College is committed to providing an array of academic and student development services that support students’ success in attaining their academic, cultural, and civic achievements. To enhance student success and close equity achievement gaps, the college identifies and regularly assesses student learning outcomes to improve institutional effectiveness. As a part of its commitment to serve as a sustainable community resource, our CCSF mission statement drives institutional planning, decision making and resource allocation.


I. Improve the student experience.
II. Institutionalize equity.
III. Improve communication.
IV. Improve operation of the college.
V. Strengthen community, education, and industry partnerships.
VI. Maintain, improve, and build facilities.
VII. Expand and encourage opportunities for professional development.

For 85 years, City College of San Francisco has been the region’s premiere public, two-year community college. City College is one of the first in the nation to offer free tuition, providing San Franciscans with the opportunity to access quality college education and workforce training that lead to university transfer and good jobs.

Since its founding in 1935, City College has evolved into a multicultural, multi-campus community college that is one of the largest in the country. City College offers credit and noncredit instruction and more than 250 degrees and certificates.

City College students are a highly diverse population, and a reflection of the many cultures, values, orientations, and ethnicities of the great “City by the Bay” and the surrounding region.

City College has official designations as a Minority Serving Institution, Hispanic-Serving Institution, and Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander-Serving Institution. The College proudly offers a safe space and assistance to undocumented members of the community through its City DREAM Center and is a host site of the California Community Colleges Dreamers Project providing free and confidential legal services for immigrant students, faculty, and staff of California community colleges.

The Chancellor serves as the Chief Executive Officer of City College of San Francisco and reports directly to the Board of Trustees, which comprises seven elected members and a student representative.

The Board seeks a respected, experienced leader with a strong professional reputation to provide unifying and participatory leadership to this dynamic, complex, urban, and diverse district.

The primary responsibilities of the Chancellor are to ensure the support and success of the students of City College of San Francisco while leading the administration of the District and inspiring confidence and trust.

The Board of Trustees has outlined the representative duties and expectations for the position in the Chancellor Job Description.

The top institutional priorities on which the preferred candidate will focus upon assuming the position were established by the Board and validated by the college community.

  1. Sustain credit and noncredit learning opportunities that meet the needs of students and employees.
  2. Manage COVID-19 impact on the college.
  3. Continue to develop and implement the budget plan to stop deficit spending, balance the budget, and shore up the reserves.
  4. Lead college efforts to examine and redesign its programs, policies, and practices to advance City College’s commitment to social justice and statewide diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.
  5. Cultivate nontraditional funding partners and successfully fundraise to sustain critical programs.
  6. Bring the college community together; improve college-wide morale by promoting mutual respect.
  7. Lead development and execution of an enrollment management plan consistent with the multi-year budget and enrollment plan.


  1. An earned master’s degree or other equivalent advanced degree from an accredited institution.
  2. Five years of significant managerial experience in business, industry, education, or government, at least three years of which as a senior executive within a large and complex organization, preferably a college or university.
  3. Demonstrated commitment to social justice and to diversity, equity, and inclusion for all faculty, staff, administrative, and student populations.

Total Compensation includes a health insurance plan. New employees hired on or after January 1, 2014, will contribute 2% of salary to the San Francisco Retiree Health Care Trust Fund (RHCTF).

It is the policy of the City College of San Francisco to provide all persons with equal employment and educational opportunities regardless of age, race, color, ancestry, gender, national origin, ethnic group identification, religion, marital status, domestic partner status, sexual orientation, disability or AIDS/HIV status, medical conditions, gender identity, or status as a Vietnam-Era veteran. These categories specifically include status as a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning person in any District program or activity. Contact the Title5/EEO/ADA Compliance Officer for more information at 415-452-5053.

Applicants who require a reasonable accommodation to participate in this hiring process should contact the Title5/EEO/ADA Compliance Officer at 415-452-7660 to make arrangements. Verification may be required.

The Board has undertaken a comprehensive search for a chancellor to begin service at City College of San Francisco on July 1, 2021.

Applicants who meet all minimum qualifications and submit all application documents on or before the filing deadline will be included in the initial review processes to be conducted by the Search Committee. A reasonable number of applicants judged by the Committee as best matching the requirements of the position will be invited for an interview. An additional interview will be offered to applicants who are advanced beyond the initial interviews.

Employees must satisfy all the pre-employment requirements for a CCSF Release to Work Authorization Certificate prior to appointment which include, but are not limited to, tuberculosis clearance (EC87408.6, fingerprinting processing, and verification of their legal right to work in the United States.

City College of San Francisco reserves the right at its sole discretion to modify or to rescind this job posting at any time without prior notice.

Information about the search process, timeline, and progress updates are available on the Chancellor Search website.

Candidates may apply at

Enter your contact information, and follow the directions. Attach a letter of interest of no more than four (4 ) pages describing how you are prepared to meet the seven (7 ) institutional priorities and the three (3 ) minimum qualifications of the position, noted in previous pages.

Attach a current resume, including educational background, professional experience, achievements, and professional activities.

Attach a list of references with names and contact information for eight (8) professional references, including a trustee, a supervisor, a classified staff member, an administrator, a faculty member, a direct report, and a student.

Applications due: Friday, March 12, Midnight


Dr. Helen Benjamin |
Dr. Debbie DiThomas |
Dr. Cindy Miles |


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Position Description
Under policy guidance of the Board of Trustees (Board) of the San Francisco Community College District (District), the Chancellor serves as the chief executive officer of the District and shall perform the duties and responsibilities of Chancellor as described herein. The Chancellor shall plan, organize, integrate, evaluate, and direct the operations and activities of City College of San Francisco (CCSF) and provide expert professional stewardship of all College resources; ensure financial planning and accountability; ensure the quality of educational content and student services; and perform related duties as assigned by the Board. The Chancellor assures that the District is administered in accordance with the regulations of the State of California and the relevant requirements of the federal government.


Representative Duties
1.    Establish a strong partnership with the Board, and assist the Board in identifying, articulating, and implementing policies and programs. 
2.    Provide vision, direction, strategy, and management necessary for the success of students and employees.
3.    Provide leadership in strategic planning, budgeting, and institution-wide initiatives to achieve District vision, mission, values and to meet accreditation standards.
4.    Plan, organize, direct, integrate and evaluate the work of all district departments to ensure College operations, activities, and services comply with the policies and strategic direction set by the Board and with all applicable laws and regulations.
5.    Promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within the District in all areas of the college.  
6.    Provide leadership to hire, develop, and retain highly competent, diverse, student service-oriented and equity-minded faculty, administrators, and staff through good selection, compensation, training, and day-to-day management practices. 
7.    Assess service area and community needs and ensure objectives and priorities are focused on meeting those needs effectively, efficiently, and with high-quality credit and noncredit educational opportunities and programs. 
8.    Partner effectively with business, government, industry, community organizations, and educational institutions about funding sources, programs, and cooperative relationships, and play a leadership role in the economic development of the community. 
9.    Represent the College by participating in state, regional, and local meetings, conferences, and organizations; serving on community boards to promote the CCSF mission; and supporting the CCSF Foundation’s events, meetings, and fundraising efforts. 
10.    Ensure fiscal stability through prudent management, responsible allocation of resources, and identification of alternative funding sources.
11.    Advance goals of participatory governance with an emphasis on consensus building; collegiality; open communication including formal solicitation of input from stakeholders; and mutual respect among all constituents. 
12.    Direct, monitor, and resolve issues in the collective bargaining and labor-management relations programs and initiatives. 
13.    Exercise political acumen, and establish and maintain trust in interactions with community stakeholders, and government, business, educational, and other District partners.
14.    Maintain close working relations and collaboration with the Board of Trustees.
15.    Provide timely and thorough information to help trustees make good decisions.

1. The Chancellor is expected to perform their duties as follows: 
(a)    Use ethical principles that value integrity, honesty, open communication, transparency, humility, evidence-based  decision-making, and flexibility in all District matters.
(b)    Create an atmosphere of mutual respect and open communication with the Board and all constituent groups.
(c)    Demonstrate understanding and respect for the culture of City College and the San Francisco community.
(d)    Demonstrate commitment to the comprehensive community college mission.
(e)    Exercise tact and diplomacy in dealing with sensitive, complex, and confidential issues and situations. 
(f)    Lead with an understanding of, sensitivity to, and respect for the diverse academic, socio-economic, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, politics, philosophy, disability, religious background, and veteran and immigration status of all students, faculty, and staff.

2. The Chancellor is expected to demonstrate knowledge of the following: 
(a)    financial planning and management, community college financing, and the complex fiscal issues facing California Community Colleges and the District.
(b)    long- and short-term strategic planning, human resources, facilities planning, and information systems management;  
(c)    principles and practices of organization design and development, strategic change management, public administration, policy formulation, community and legislative relations, and communication with the media and other external entities; and 
(d)    applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations, including Title 5, California Education Code, California regulatory agencies, accreditation, and collective bargaining.

Minimum Qualifications
1.    An earned master’s degree or other equivalent advanced degree from an accredited institution
2.    Five years of significant managerial experience in business, industry, education, or government, at least three years of which as a senior executive within a large and complex organization, preferably a college or university
3.    Demonstrated commitment to social justice and to diversity, equity, and inclusion for all faculty, staff, administrative, and student populations

Desired Qualifications
1.   A doctorate degree from a regionally accredited college or university
2.   Administrative experience in a community college 

Working Conditions
Job responsibilities are performed primarily in a business office, subject to frequent interruption from internal college personnel and the public, in a highly political environment. The Chancellor is expected to work at any College location or authorized facility with occasional evenings and weekends on an as-needed basis. The Chancellor’s responsibilities also require maintaining an appropriate balance between a presence at the District and representation in the community. Occasional travel may be required.

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2021 CHANCELLOR Search Process & Schedule

NOTE: All meetings, interviews, and public forums conducted via Zoom

Date Action
January 4 - 13

Preparation for Search

Search Consultants prepare draft documents for discussion with Board

January 14

Board Retreat, in which Board will

  • review and approve the selection policy, process, and job description for chancellor
  • review and approve the screening committee composition (by position)
  • review and approve search timeline
  • develop Board priorities for chancellor to inform Campus Survey and Position Announcement

January 15

Board President sends letter to CCSF community to announce impending chancellor search and upcoming Campus Survey

January 18, 22, 25

Board President distributes Campus Survey to solicit feedback regarding content for Position

  • Announcement: January 18
  • Reminders: January 22 and 25
  • Feedback deadline: January 25, 5 pm

January 26 - 28

Development of Campus Survey Report

  • Consultants analyze survey responses, prepare final report

January 28

Board Meeting

Regular Board Meeting (item for Campus Survey Report)

  • Consultants present findings of Campus Survey

January 29 - February 4

Preparation for Screening Committee Meeting

  • Consultants meet with AVC-HR to review search logistics
  • Consultants coordinate with IT specialists regarding Zoom interview, forum protocols
  • Feb. 1: (Noon deadline) Constituent groups submit representative names for Screening Committee
  • Feb. 1 (5 p.m.) AVC-HR sends materials (Survey Report, draft Position Announcement) to Screening Committee members
  • Feb. 1-4: Committee members review materials in preparation for February 5 meeting

February 5

Fri. 9 a.m.-
1 p.m.

Screening Committee Meeting: Orientation & Search Planning

Consultants and AVC-HR meet with Screening Committee members

  • Hiring Orientation, Confidentiality, & EEO Training
  • Review search process and timeline
  • Review results of Campus Survey and Board #xpectations
  • Prepare recommendations for Board on Position Announcement

February 11

8:30 a.m.

Special Board Meeting

Special Board Meeting to Approve Final Position Announcement

  • Board reviews recommendations from Screening Committee and approves final Position Announcement to be posted for the Chancellor search

February 12

(Friday noon)

Position Posted

Position OPENS for Applications

  • AVC-HR places advertising (regional/national posting)
  • Board President shares public announcement, solicits nominations from college/community
  • Consultants begin formal recruiting outreach

March 12

(Friday midnight)

Position Closed

Position CLOSED for Applications

March 15 - 22

Application Review

  • March 13-15: AVC-HR review of applicants for minimum qualifications
  • March 16-21: Screening committee members review confidential candidate application packets, submit ratings by midnight March 21 (via People Admin)

March 23

Tues. 1 p.m.-
4 p.m.

Screening Committee Meeting: First-Level Interview Candidate Selection & Interview Process

  • Consultants and AVC-HR meet with Screening Committee members
  • Select individuals for first-level interviews
  • Finalize interview protocol (questions and process)

March 24 -
April 5

(Spring Recess March 27-April 2)

Preparation for First-Level Interviews (Consultants/AVC-HR)

  • Communicate with candidates
  • Establish interview schedule, finalize materials

April 6 - 8

TBA Tues-Thurs

Screening Committee: First-Level interviews

  • Consultants and AVC-HR support Screening Committee in interviews of chosen candidates
  • Committee selects finalists for interview with Board of Trustees

April 9 - 19

Preparation for Public Forums & Final Interviews (Consultants/AVC-HR)

  • Establish interview schedule
  • Communicate with candidates, Board members
  • Coordinate preparations for forums and interviews
  • Conduct reference checks (after securing releases from candidates)
  • April 10: Send notice of Public Forums to internal, external community

April 20 - 22

TBA Tues- Thurs

Public Forums & Board of Trustees Final Interviews

  • Consultants and AVC-HR host public forums with each finalist
  • Consultants and AVC-HR support Board in interviews of finalists
  • Consultants assist in communication with finalists

April 22

Special Closed Session Meeting

Closed Session Board Meeting (after conclusion of Final Interviews)

  • Board selects top candidate, sets negotiation parameters

Following closed session meeting:

  • Board begins negotiations with final candidate (contract finalized April 26 for posting)
  • Consultants assist in communication with finalists

April 29

Regular Board Meeting

Regular Board Meeting (Item for 2021 Chancellor Appointment)

  • Board approves contract for 2021 Chancellor appointment
  • Chancellor to begin July 1, 2021, or as soon as possible thereafter
  • Communication with internal and external community
Constituency Representatives

Classified Staff (SEIU/Classified Senate)

Maria Salazar-Colon, Management Assistant

Athena Steff, Senior Offset Machine Operator

Edward H. Tang, TIA-Evaluation Tech

(Academic Senate/AFT)

Ekaterina Fuchs, Faculty - Mathematics

E. Simon Hanson, Faculty – Biological Sciences

Christa Lewis, Faculty - ESL


Vinicio Lopez, Dean of Mission Center, Transitional Studies, International Ed & ESL

Ilona McGriff, Sr. Director of Grants

Jill Yee, Dean of Social & Behavioral Sciences,
Ethnic Studies & Social Justice


Angelica Campos

Orlando Galvez

Ronald Gonzalez

 Community Members

Linda Richardson

Santiago Ruiz

Tim Wolfred

Board Members

Shanell Williams, Board President

Tom Temprano, Board Vice President

Thea Selby, Board Member