The Representative Voice of CCSF Students

The Associated Students (AS) Executive Council is the representative voice for students at City College of San Francisco. Each campus and center has the opportunity to have voting members serve on the Executive Council, which makes recommendations in district-wide student matters.

To learn more, or to add an item to the Executive Council agenda, please contact the Student Chancellor.

AS Executive Council 2020-2021
Angelica Campos
Student Chancellor (Chair)
Tarquin Gaines
Student Vice Chancellor
ASC Chinatown North Beach (President)
ASC Chinatown North Beach (Vice President)
ASC Civic Center (President)
ASC Civic Center (Vice President)
Luisangela Marcano Gonzalez
ASC Downtown (Secretary, and Executive Council Treasurer)
Cindy Gire Briseno
ASC Downtown (Vice President)
ASC Evans (President)
ASC Evans (Vice President)
Orlando Galvez
ASC John Adams (President)
Angelica Nevarez
ASC John Adams (Vice President)
Esther Mita Arias
ASC Mission (President)
Ronald Gonzalez
ASC Mission (Vice President)
Cristian Ruiz
ASC Ocean (President)
Brenton Lai
ASC Ocean (Vice President of Administration)
Vick Van Chung
Student Trustee (ex-officio)
Amy Coffey
Interim Asst. Director, Student Activities (Advisor)