Steps to Become a CCSF Student

New Noncredit Students

CCSF Noncredit Admission Application

New Noncredit students can complete and submit the online Noncredit Application.

CCSF offers a variety of Federal and State financial aid programs; including grants, fee waivers, work-study, scholarships, and loans.


Noncredit ESL students take the Noncredit ESL Placement to find out which course level is best. You can complete this on your computer. 

For more information, please visit the Assessment Center web page.

Students may complete their new student orientation conducted by a counselor after their noncredit ESL placement test session or the CASAS test.


  1. Schedule a counseling appointment or drop-in session with Counseling Services
  2. During the counseling session students will create a Student Education Plan (SEP).  A Student Education Plan (SEP) is a semester by semester map of the course you need to complete in order to achieve your educational goal at CCSF.

How to Register

You will be assigned a registration date and time. On or after that date, log in to your myRAM Portal to start registering! 

Please refer to the Registration Page for instructions on Registration using the myRAM Portal.

Need Help? Email if you have any problems or questions about registering!

Student Support Programs are here to help you reach your academic and personal goals! 

Student Government

Serve on the student council or one of the college's participatory governance committees! Learn how the college is run and make sure the student's voice is heard!

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Student Clubs

CCSF student life includes a variety of clubs which rally around everything from academics, art, culture, social causes, sports, hobbies, etc. Clubs provide an opportunity for students to meet people and build community, to help each other be successful.  Students join and form clubs to share common interests, work on common goals and have fun!

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Student Resource Centers & Programs: Find Your Community

City College offers many, academic, financial, health and support services to help you succeed here and beyond. 

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