Physical Science Courses

P SC 11, Conceptual Physical Science
Lec-52.5 Lab-17.5 field trips

ADVISE: (Elementary algebra or higher) and (Readiness for college-level English or ESL 188)

An overview of the physical sciences: physics, chemistry, Earth science and astronomy. Content is taught at a conceptual level using basic math such as ratios, square roots, scientific notation, graph interpretation, slope and simple algebra. Intended for non-science majors looking for a broad understanding of the physical universe.

Units: 3
Credit type: Credit/Degree Applicable

Not recommended to students who have completed a college-level course in physics, physical science, chemistry, geology,or astronomy with a final grade of "C" or higher.

P SC 11L, Physical Science Laboratory

PREREQ: Completion of or concurrent enrollment in: P SC 11 ADVISE: Elementary algebra or higher

Physical Science laboratory integrates concepts from physics, chemistry, earth science and astronomy. Data collection, critical thinking, and laboratory skills are emphasized.

Units: 1
Credit type: Credit/Degree Applicable