Maker Studies Courses

MAKR 33, Making and Makerspaces for Teachers
Lec-17.5 field trips P/NP Available

Teacher preparation for making and makerspaces in educational settings. Topics include experiential learning and other applicable learning frameworks, facilitation strategies for making and makerspaces, learning activities and curriculum, and equipment, tools and supplies found in makerspaces.

Units: 1
Credit type: Credit/Degree Applicable
MAKR 100, Introduction to History, Culture and Practices of Making
Lec-52.5 field trips P/NP Available

ADVISE: Readiness for college-level English or ESL 188

Introduction to the Maker Movement, a survey of cultures, disciplines, materials, and technologies related to the traditions of making through time and around the world. Students will recognize key materials and techniques of disciplines including the arts, construction, engineering, and computer science to critically analyze and apply ways of creating that support an understanding of culturally significant work of diverse peoples and eras.

Units: 3
Credit type: Credit/Degree Applicable
MAKR 1000, Supervised Making

COREQ: Concurrent enrollment in any MAKR course

Academic support, supervised making and supervised use of campus makerspaces. Students work on assignments given in other CCSF maker-related credit and non-credit courses. Instructor assists students with makerspace tools, equipment, materials, and methods.

Units: 0
Credit type: Noncredit
MAKR 400, Maker Capstone
Lec-35 Lab-52.5 field trips


Students will complete cross-discipline projects of their own design. Each student will conceptualize, prototype, test, and develop a working model to prove their design using materials and techniques of traditionally disparate disciplines.

Units: 3
Credit type: Credit/Degree Applicable