About the Office of the Chancellor

The Office of the Chancellor leads the development and implementation of the college's vision and strategic plans and works to grow CCSF in support of the College's mission.

Message from Chancellor David Martin

Dr. David Martin

I wanted to take a moment to thank the City College community for the warm welcome and good wishes. It is great to be back at City College and reconnecting with many of you. I look forward to building on those existing relationships and establishing new ones. 
I want to commend our students, faculty, staff, and administration as we continue to operate in a mostly remote environment. I am humbled for the opportunity to support you and our beloved College during these challenging times, and I know that this can only happen by working together, collaboratively, and in UNITY. 
I look forward to working alongside everyone for the betterment of our current students, our future students, and our larger community.  
Please do not ever hesitate to reach out at dmartin@ccsf.edu
Thank you, 
David Martin


The Chancellor's podcast is a series of interviews with faculty, staff, and City College of San Francisco students. The podcast's goal is to look inside the college, its programs, and the people who make it tick.

The Chancellor is a seasoned interviewer, and his questions are both probing and insightful. He has a knack for getting his guests to open up and share their stories in an informative and entertaining way.

The podcast is a great way to learn about the college and the people who make it such a special place. If you are a podcast fan or simply interested in learning more about City College of San Francisco, this is one podcast you won't want to miss.