Veterans Services

Welcome All Veterans!

Veterans Services Sheet 

Veterans Affairs at City College of San Francisco is comprised of three major components: Veterans academic counseling, VA certification and VA Social work, all of which collaborate to provide a comprehensive array of services and opportunities for veteran students to build their own community at CCSF and in the greater Bay Area.


Summer Semester 2017

Instruction Begins June 12,2017

Fall Semester 2017

Instruction Begins August 21, 2017



Priority Registration for NEW VETERANS will be available upon completion for New Student   Matriculation Process.


Please call (415) 239-3486

At the Veterans Educational Transition Services (VETS) Office you can receive academic counseling, speak with a certifying official, receive VA social work and/or mental health services, education and career planning assistance, and general assistance in obtaining all veterans' educational benefits.



50 Phelan Ave, Cloud Hall 333
San Francisco, CA 94112
Phone: (415) 239-3486            

Fax: (415) 239-3490       



Note: Counselors availability subject to change without notice.

Please call  (415) 239-3486 to confirm dates and times.



The Walter S. Newman Veterans Resource Center

The Resource Center, which is located next door to the Services Office in Cloud Hall 332, serves as a student lounge equipped with computers and television among other things which can be used as a study space or simply an area for down time for on campus veterans.

The Veterans Alliance Club

The Veterans Alliance Club is an on campus student organization which is part of the Inter Club Council (ICC). The club is an on campus group run by students under the guidance of an advisor.



Quick Note:

AB 13, Nonresident tuition exemption: veterans.

  • Active military personnel are exempt from non-resident tuition fees provided they are in California for a purpose other than attending a state-supported institution of higher learning.
  • Dependents of military personnel stationed on active duty in California are given a waiver of non-resident fees.


For any further assistance with in-state tuition, please contact the Residency Department at (415) 239-3287