Participatory Governance Council

The Participatory Governance Council (PGC) includes representatives from all constituent groups: faculty, staff, students, and administrators.

The PGC makes recommendations to the Chancellor in the areas of Board policies, administrative procedures, the College budget, and College-wide plans and initiatives.


2018  Agendas,Minutes, and Handouts

Agendas Meeting Notes
January 18th  


BP and AP 5.12 Withholding of Student Records (Action Item 1st Reading)

BP and AP 5.27 Student Fees (Action Item 1st Reading)

Food Insecurity/Food Pantry and Shelves (Action Item 2nd Reading)

BP and AP 8.17 Grants (Action Item 2nd Reading)

BP and AP 2.22 Accessibility of College Website (Action Item 2nd Reading)