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Step 2:  Take a Placement Test

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New students to City College must take the ENGLISH or ESL (English as a Second Language) and MATH placement tests unless they meet the test waiver or exemption criteria.  (See below.)  These tests are one way of measuring the students' skills in Math and English or ESL.  Counselors will use these results along with other information to help students decide on a program of courses.


The test results are used for course placement purposes only. They are not used to prevent any student from attending CCSFhowever, you'll want to give the placement tests your BEST effort, since where you begin in the Math and English sequences can determine how long it will take you to either graduate or transfer from CCSF.

You might even wish to brush up a little on your Math and English prior to taking the tests. You can find review questions for the placement tests here: Sample Test Questions.

Placement Tests in ENGLISH or ESL (English as a Second Language) and MATH are given regularly from mid October through January and mid March through September 4th.

New! To receive an earlier registration date-take a placement test, attend an orientation, and see a counselor to get an education plan!


To schedule an appointment for computerized Native English and Math placement testing click here

No appointments are necessary for ESL Tests.  Seating is first-come-first-serve.


WAIVING THE PLACEMENT TEST(S)  Students may waive placement testing if they have taken equivalent college courses or standardized tests. Either unofficial or official transcripts may be used.  Placement Testing Waiver Form - (See English and Math Placement Testing Waiver process.)

(Please note: if you present official transcripts from another college to the Matriculation Office (E-204) to waive the placement tests, it does not mean your transcripts have been submitted and are "in the system."  After presenting your official  transcripts to E-204, it is best to take them in person, downstairs, to E-107 and submit them to the Transcripts Office. Please see: Transcripts from Other Colleges for more information)

Exemption from Assessment - Students may exempt from the assessment step of the Matriculation process.  (See Matriculation Exemption criteria.) 

If you have already indicated on the online CCSF application that you wish to exempt from any or all of the Matriculation steps, then you do not need to complete another Matriculation Exemption Form.

While exempting from these steps is an option, it will result in your having a later date to register.


Next step: 

Attend a New Student  Orientation


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