Student Ambassadors Program

Meet Our Student Ambassadors

Ishihara, Keiko  

is a Student Ambassador at City College of San Francisco. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English and English Literature from Ferris University in Japan, and has 8 years’ experience working as a flight attendant. She is now studying in the Healthcare Interpreter Program at City College of San Francisco. Keiko loves working at City College of San Francisco because she truly believes affordable, accessible and good quality education can give people more opportunities and possibilities in their lives for the better. 


Oluchi, Jane

is a graduate of Finance from Nigeria with a post-graduate degree in Global Human Resource Management from the University of Liverpool. She is currently an international student at City College of San Francisco intending to major in Child Development and Family studies. She loves cooking, singing, working with children, traveling, meeting people, and walking in places of nature.


Latu, Hina

is a Student Ambassador at City College. She recently graduated from Glendale High School, near Los Angeles. Her intended major is Marketing and she plans to transfer to University of Arizona because of their business program. Hina loves her job because she has made a lot of new friends.


Li Sam, Diana 

is a Student Ambassador at City College. She moved from Peru and started studying Graphic Design at CCSF in January 2018. She previously helped as a manager and cashier in her parents' restaurant. She is an Ambassador because she loves helping others and wants people to have a better and accessible education. 

Meet Our Student Ambassadors

Myers-Holmes, Dashiell 

is a Student Ambassador at City College. It is currently his first semester enrolled in City College and he's a recent Lowell High School graduate. He has years of experience coordinating and participating in spoken word events, tutoring, and hosting clubs. His goal is to transfer to University of California, Santa Cruz to study History. His goals are to help others figure out what their place is in the lucrative world that City College encompasses. 


Palacios, Zacarias

is a Student Ambassador that has been a part of the Outreach department for 2 and half years. He is studying General Business at CCSF and is a proud advocate for community college as an alternative education pathway for all high school students. Zacarias has loved his time at CCSF and being an ambassador for the Outreach Department and believes that, through outreach at multiple events and talking to today’s youth, he is making a difference in their lives by expressing how CCSF can assist any student to reach their goals to become anything they want be. 


Paz, Mikaylah

is a Student Ambassador at City College. Now in her third semester, she is a Journalism major with aspirations to transfer to SF State or UCSD. She is also a Student Mentor in the LAC for College Success. Mikaylah loves both of her jobs because she gives people the help and support she wishes she had during her first semester of college.


Wong, Kinson  

is a Student Ambassador at CCSF planning to transfer to a four-year university to attain a Bachelor’s degree in History. He grew up in Guangzhou, China and speaks Mandarin and Cantonese, in addition to English. His career goal is to work at the United Nations. When Kinson is not studying or working, he likes to swim, watch fun videos, or drive around the city.