Add/Drop Procedure

Pre-Registration Add/Drop Procedure

The Pre-Registration Period (prior to the first day of instruction) is when students can log in to Web4 and register for classes prior to the semester starting. Please refer to the Registration Page for instructions on Registration using Web4.

Add/Drop Procedure

The Add/Drop procedure starts on the first day of instruction for the semester.  To ADD a course, go the class you want to attend with your regisration ticket. If there is space in the class you will be given a 6 character alphanumerical authorization code (ADD CODE) from the instructor. Once you have this code and the 5 digit CRN number, you can complete the add procedure by using WEB4 or in person by filling out an ADD/DROP form and processing it with the Registration Center, MUB 130.

You may drop or withdraw through WEB4 (Monday - Saturday, 9:00 AM to 11:45 PM) commencing with the first day of instruction or you may come in person to the Registration Center. If you have registered for a class but no longer attend it or have never attended it, you must drop or withdraw from the class. If you wish to drop a class with no notation on your permanent record you must initiate a drop on or before the deadline for full and short term length courses.

Please visit Important Dates to view the class schedule for important deadlines dates.

  • Students are liable for all fees for courses dropped after the published deadline dates.
  • Students are responsible for class prerequisites, academic calendar deadlines, services information, and registration procedures.
  • Classes with different start or end dates may have different add, drop, or refund deadlines.


Use the following percentages to calculate deadlines for classes that meet for more or less than the full term:


Calculate Deadlines for Classes that Meet Less Than Full Term
Description Calculation
Last date to drop with a refund 10% of class meeting times
Last date to add 20% of class meeting times
Last date to drop a class without a W (Census Date) 20% of class meeting times
Last date to apply for pass/no pass 30% of class meeting times
Last date to withdraw with a W 75% of class meeting times
If the class meets for 10 meetings or less, the class must be dropped prior to start of class to be eligible for a refund.  




  • To add a class a student must obtain a  six (6) character alphanumerical ADD CODE from their instructor.
  1. Log on to
  2. Login with your 9 digit student ID number. (i.e. WXX-XX-XXXX)
  3. Enter your password
  4. Click on Student Portal
  5. Click on Student Registration
  6. Select term
  7. Completely fill out Free City College (FCC) application
  8. Complete Student Survey
  9. Select Register For Classes
  10. Select term
  11. Select the Enter CRN's tab
  12. Enter 5 digit CRN number
  13. When prompted enter the six-character alphanumeric codes ADD CODE and click Validate.
  14. Click on Submit Changes to save entry.
  • If you recieve an error message please visit Registration Error Message
  • View confirmation that the class has been added/dropped  and fees reasessed.


  • Follow steps from above
  • Select drop down menu next to class you are wishing to drop.
  • Highlight drop/remove
  • Click on submit change to complete drop
  • To drop a class no code is necessary.

In-Person: Off Campus Add/Drop Info


  • Completely fill out an Add/Drop form. Add/Drop Form
  • To add a class a student must obtain a six-character alphanumeric codes ADD CODE  from their instructor.
  • You may register in-person at the Registration Center, MUB 130 at the main (Ocean) campus.


  • Completely fill out an Add/Drop form.
  • To drop a class no code is necessary.