From High School to College

The Disabled Students Programs and Services has undertaken three projects to assist high school students in making a successful transition to college.

The Transition to College packet has useful information for high school students who are considering college.

Project 31 is a concurrent enrollment program. Project 31 allows students currently enrolled in high school special education to take a limited number of classes at City College. Students currently enrolled in high school special education who want to concurrently enroll at City College must follow the Project 31 guidelines and procedures.

DSPS Orientations Fall 2019

SFUSD students receiving Special Education services are welcome to attend one of our upcoming orientations at City College of San Francisco's Ocean Campus to learn about our services and find out more about:

  1. Credit and Non-Credit Classes
  2. Academic Accommodations
  3. Testing for Learning Disabilities
  4. Specialized Disability-Related Counseling
  5. Electronic and Other Devices for Classroom and Testing Assistance
Please call the main office at (415) 452-5481 to learn about upcoming workshops.


16 College Facts to Know!

Here are 16 things that every high school student considering college should know. Choose the link below.