Prerequisite Challenge Process


City College has established prerequisites and corequisites to ensure that students have the skill level necessary to succeed in a course.

Before your online registration date, please check to see if your class has a prerequisite. Prerequisites must be cleared prior to enrollment. Plan ahead and take care of this as early as possible to avoid waiting in a long lines and possible delays to your enrollment in important classes.

You are automatically cleared if:

  • You are currently enrolled in the appropriate prerequisite course at CCSF
  • You have completed the appropriate prerequisite course at CCSF or have placed into the course with CCSF placement test

If prerequisite course was completed at another college/university, you can challenge the prerequisite by following the below instructions.

  • If your prerequisite is English or Math click here
  • If your prerequisite is a Foreign Language please follow this link
  • If your prerequisite is for Economics or Philosophy please follow this link
  • If your prerequisite is not English or Math, the following steps need to be completed:

Complete the Online Prerequisite Challenge Form and attach a copy of your transcript showing the related course completed at another college with a "C" or higher grade.


Download and fill out a Printable Prerequisite Challenge Form and provide a copy of your transcript showing the related course completed at another college with a "C" or higher grade to the Matriculation Office by one of the following ways.

        a.     Email your documents to

        b.     Fax your documents to (415) 452-5127

        c.     Bring your documents to the Matriculation Office (Monday and Thursday 8am-5pm, Tuesday and Wednesday 8am-6pm, and Friday 8am-4pm), Conlan Hall room 203.

        d.    Mail documents to: Matriculation Office, 50 Phelan Ave. E203, San Francisco, CA 94112

Most prerequisite challenge requests will be processed within 5 business days.**

**Some challenge requests may need to be forwarded to the Department for approval and may take longer to process.


1.   Enroll in the desired class.

2.   Fill out and submit a  Prerequisite Challenge Form to the Department contact. Please also include supporting documentation for your challenge (i.e. transcripts, course description, portfolio, etc...).

3.   Attend the first day of class.

***Please note that you may be dropped from the course if you do not complete the Prerequisite Challenge process.