College and/or Test Data Process

An alternate way to satisfy the assessment component is to submit documentation that you have taken college-level English and/or math courses and/or specific test data.

In order to complete assessment:

1.     Please provide the transcript showing the English and/or math course that you successfully (received a C or higher) took at another college AND a course description from the college catalog (usually available on the college website).  If you are using a test score to complete assessment, please provide a copy of your test scores.

2.    Download and fill out a College and/or Test Data Form .

3.     Turn in your transcript, course description or test scores and College and/or Test Data form to the Matriculation office by:

    A.     Emailing your documents to

    B.     Faxing your documents to (415) 452-5127

    C.    Coming to the Matriculation office (Monday and Thursday 8am-5pm, Tuesday and Wednesday 8am-6pm, and Friday 9am-4pm), Conlan Hall 204

4.      If approved, your English and math prerequisites will be unblocked within 5 working days.



If your prerequisite is not English or Math click here

If your prerequisite is a Foreign Language please follow this link