English and Math Placement Testing Waiver Process

An alternate way of satisfying the assessment component is to waive placement testing if you have already taken specific tests and/or courses.

In order to waive placement testing:

1.     Please provide the transcript showing the course that you successfully (received a C or higher) took at another college AND a course description from the college catalog (usually available on the college website).  If you are using a test score to waive placement testing, please provide a copy of your test scores.

2.    Download and fill out an English and Math Waiver Form (placement testing waiver form).

3.     Turn in your transcript, course description or test scores and Waiver form to the Matriculation office by:

    A.     Emailing your documents to prereq@ccsf.edu

    B.     Faxing your documents to (415) 452-5127

    C.    Coming to the Matriculation office (Monday - Thursday 8am-6pm and Friday 8a-4pm), Conlan Hall 204

4.      If approved, your registration will be unblocked within 5 working days.



If your prerequisite is not English or Math click here

If your prerequisite is a Foreign Language please follow this link