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Information for Tutors

Students are assisted by a tutors in the Learning Assistance Tutorial Center.

“Becoming a tutor allows students who are dedicated to a field of study to use their own expertise of the subject to help improve others’ understanding, while gaining insight into their own relationship with the topic.”  Christine Rowland, political science tutor

Approximately 80-100 LAC tutors provide tutorial services for about 8,000 students for a total of 100,000 hours each semester. Tutors work directly with students, usually on a drop-in, one-to-one basis. Tutors supplement class instruction to enhance students' academic achievement. They reinforce basic skills such as reading/writing/math. Tutors are trained to look at tutoring as a process for enabling students to develop into active and independent learners, not as a method to provide students with correct answers. They work 5-15 hours/week on a regular schedule for the duration of the semester.

Tutoring benefits both the students and tutors. Students develop into active learners involved in studying their course material in a focused manner. Tutors increase their understanding of course material while developing leadership and problem-solving skills, and they feel proud that they are helping fellow students.

Click here for one tutor's perspective on the purpose of tutoring.

Tutor Application Process

  • All applicants for student worker positions must complete the “Student Hiring Eligibility Process” (SHEP) prior to their first day of work. We encourage you to begin this process now as it takes time. The LAC cannot hire you until you have completed this process.
  • Print and complete Form C: LAC Tutor Recommendation. Complete the top part and have an appropriate instructor sign it.
  • Find a composition you recently completed if you are applying for a composition tutor position.
  • Bring your completed paperwork to the LAC in R207. Ask to speak with the manager for your subject, who will determine if you will be interviewed and hired. Remember, not everyone who is interviewed is hired.

Tutors' Creed

  • I can help you make sense of what you don’t understand, but I will not be your instructor.
  • I can show you how to find the right answer, but I will not just give you the answer.
  • I can review the homework that you have completed so that you can see your successes and failures, but I will not do your homework for you.
  • I can help you learn how to read your textbook for understanding, but I will not explain something that you have not read.
  • I will expect nothing less than your best effort, and neither should you.

LAC Tutor Survey

We ask our tutors to complete this Tutor Survey following upon exiting the LERN 10-Tutor Training course.