Future Credit Students

Your Steps to Becoming a Credit Student

Five Easy Steps

Start earning college credits soon! Follow the steps below to become a City College student today.  Apply for financial aid early!

  1. Apply for Admission and Financial Aid
  2. Complete the English or ESL and Math Assessments
  3. Attend New Student Orientation *
  4. Meet with a Counselor *
  5. Register for Classes

You may complete steps 2, 3 and 4 during All in One Day!

*You may skip steps 2, 3, and 4 through the Matriculation exemption process if you qualify for one of the following:

1.   You have already earned an A.A./A.S.  degree or higher (at a U.S. accredited college or university)

2.  Your educational goals do not include:

  • Enrolling in Math, English or ESL courses
  • Transfer to a college or university
  • Attainment of a degree
  • Career Development or certificate attainment that require math, English or ESL as a prerequisite or,

3.  You are only enrolling in courses mandated by industry or licensure standards

 However, exempting will result in your receiving a later course registration date.

All NEW and RE-ADMIT students (those who have been away from CCSF for one academic year or more previous to the coming semester) need to submit an admissions application.  More info

If qualified, students may apply for Financial Aid.  Paying for the cost of a college education requires a partnership among parents, students and the college.  Each partner has responsibilities to fulfill in meeting that cost.  Financial aid is money that helps pay for the cost of education (college fees, books and supplies).  City College of San Francisco (CCSF) participates in most Federal and State financial aid programs.   More Info

AB 705

With the newly enacted Assembly Bill 705, students may receive English and Math course placements using high school performance data in addition to placement tests. To find out more information about the legislation and options to complete the assessment step, please go to our AB 705 page.

Please meet with an academic counselor to develop your education plan in preparation for the new semester!

About AB 705 Math & English Placement Change
Beginning Spring 2019, placement exams for Math and English are no longer the only way to secure placement in transfer-level courses. This is due to the passage of law  AB  705, which provides several new options to students if their exam results do not provide them with access to transfer-level courses. Students may use their U.S. high school data to be placed into English and Math courses without taking the English and Math placement tests.

Please visit the AB 705 webpage for more information.

Get Your Math & English Placement Course Information
View your English and Math course placement based on the new English and Math course placement models per AB 705 by logging into Web4. You can review your course placement, Web Registration Appointment and other related information. Students who feel they need additional language acquisition support may want to take the Credit ESL Placement Test or talk to an academic counselor about the ESL sequence.

For students who wish to take the placement tests, please click here for more information.


All non-exempt new students to City College are required to participate in New Student Orientation. The orientation answers many of your questions about becoming a student at City College and introduces you to essential programs, services and procedures.

You may participate in one of our upcoming All-in-One Days or complete an Online Orientation.

You will meet with an Academic counselor after you complete your online or in-person Orientation to CCSF. You and your counselor will complete the  Initial Educational Planselecting courses for your first one or two semesters at City College. More info

Once you  have completed Steps One through Four, the  Initial Educational Plan and the Matriculation Component Card must be submitted to Conlan Hall, Room 204 in order to earn the earliest possible registration date.

If you are in a special program (e.g. International Students) you will need to see one of the counselors assigned to that program.  

You choose your counselor!

Plan to meet with your counselor at least once per semester!

Students:  Now that you have finished Steps One through Four, you can use the registration appointment given to you when you submitted your admission application once you turn in your completed Matriculation component card and Initial Interview Form to E-204 in Conlan Hall. More info

Exempt Students:  Now that you have submitted your Admissions Application, you will be able to register on your assigned registration date given to you once you submitted your application.


How to Register for classes-Tutorial Video

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