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Get Technology Help!  CCSF employees can get technology support by contacting the ITS Helpdesk.

You can contact ITS Helpdesk in one of the following ways:

The Help Desk is staffed year around 24/7 365

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Tech Tip of the Month

Tech Tips of the Month: Sometimes you just need a quick answer to your “How do I” question.Every month, we’ll offer a new technology tip designed to answer your most frequently questions about CCSF top 8 software applications. If what you seek is a full training workshop, manual or video tutorial, see the “Training & How To's” link below.

Updates & Announcements

Updates & Announcements: Click here to read about all of the structural and process changes happening in ITS.

Service Desk

Help Desk: Visit ITS Help Desk to find out how to get the CCSF technology-related help you need!

 HelpDesk Updates: Can't get into Office 365? Banner not working? It could be a temporary problem that we're currently working on. Click here to see which (if any) systems are temporarily out of service. Sometimes the fix is quick - other times, we may need a little time to get the system back up and running, but at least you'll know! 

Training & How To's

Training and How To's: Click here to access technology training resources such as free workshops, manuals and more!

CCSF Technology Poll

On occasion, we will post a new technology-related poll designed to gather information about issues that ITS leadership are working on.