Q: Assessment Currency

Please comment on how you are currently satisfying assessment benchmarks.  

After reviewing the Assessment Currency Report attached to your Annual Plan, in your narrative response address these items:

  • Missing CRN-level assessment reports – After reviewing missing CRNs from Fall 2018 and Spring 2019, indicate future steps planned to help get all CRN-level assessments completed in 2019-20?

  • Aggregate assessment reports – Address plans to ensure that all courses and programs are assessed at the aggregate course level (across multiple semesters and SLOs) 18 months prior to planned curriculum updates. 
    • Which courses are being updated in the next 18 months? Which certificates and majors are being updated in the next 18 months? Do they have a current assessment in place? If not, who will assess them?
  • Service assessment reports – Address plans to ensure that service outcomes are assessed at least once every three years. 
    • Which service outcomes will be assessed in coming year?

Notes & Suggestions

  • To access assessment currency in CurrIQunet, initiate your Annual Plan then click on the Report icon 📄 to view the Assessment Currency Report. For Fall 2019 Annual Plans, choose review year 2018-19. If you already selected a different review year, simply change it to 2018-19 for the appropriate Assessment Currency Report. [instructions for accessing currency reports]
  • For Student Affairs and Academic Services: please follow the three year assessment cycle established for Student Service Outcomes (SSOs).
  • For Instructional Departments: the three year requirement for aggregate assessment of courses and programs has been extended to six years. Aggregate assessments are based on CRN-level assessments conducted for every course each semester. Looking across multiple years should make your aggregate assessment work more meaningful, serving as a prelude to curriculum development and in particular, SLO and assessment revisions at the course and program level. An aggregate assessment should be completed sometime in the 18 months prior to submitting course/program outline revisions.
  • All assessment activity prior to Spring 2015 happened outside CurrIQunet, therefore Assessment Currency Reports don't include that activity. If you need to access reports prior to Spring 2015, search the archives for Fall 2014 reports and Spring 2014 reports.