Computer Science

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Whether you are just starting out in college or you are a seasoned tech professional looking to update your skills, the Computer Science Department at City College of San Francisco has the right program for you! We offer courses in:

  • Computer Programming
  • Linux / Unix
  • Databases
  • Web Application Programming
  • Mobile App Development
  • Information Science

You can take just a course or two, pursue a certificate, get an Associate's Degree, and/or transfer to a four-year school.

Advice on Choosing Computer Science classes

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Web & Mobile Programs

We are offering orientations for students new to our Web and Mobile Design and Development Programs at CCSF.  These programs are collaborative between the Computer Science (CS), Computer Networking and Information Technology (CNIT), and Visual Media Design (VMD) departments at CCSF.


The certificate programs are designed to meet the needs of students who want:

  • to obtain entry-level employment
  • to increase their opportunities to advance in their current positions
  • to change the kind of work they do currently

Certificates are specialized in areas such as Computer Programming, Web Application Programming (new!), Mobile App Development, QA, Build and Release Automation (new!), Database Programming (including new C# certificate), and Linux Administration Level I and Level II (new!).  Certificates are often a good choice for a student who already has a degree in a different discipline, but wants to gain credentials in CS.

Submit a "Certificate Petition" form in the first month of your final semester completing the certificate. Your form needs the Department Chair's signature only if you are substituting one or more required courses.

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