How do I apply to the DMI Program?

Our information and application packet is found on our website (www.ccsf.edu/dmi).  You can download this packet.  It explains all of the prerequisites and other requirements of the DMI Program.  This application period is Aug.1st - 10th of every year.  We will not accept applications outside of this timeframe.


Can I meet with a faculty member to review my application?

Unfortunately, our faculty is not available to review applications.  A student should consult a counselor to determine if appropriate courses have been taken.  At the end of the application and information packet, there is a check-off list of all documents that should be submitted.  The student should consult this list to ensure they have submitted the appropriate documents. 


I would like to speak to someone in the DMI office but I cannot get anyone on the phone.  What should I do?

If you have trouble getting someone on the phone, you can e-mail our office:
DMI@mail.ccsf.edu.  The e-mail address is answered weekly.


Can I take pre-requisite courses while I am in the Program?

No. All pre-requisite classes must be completed with a grade of “C” or higher before a student can be considered for admission to the Program.  


I have completed pre-requisite courses at another college or university, how do I determine if they are equivalent to those required by the DMI Program?

Download a course equivalency form from the DMI website (www.ccsf.edu/dmi), fill out the course information and submit it with supporting documentation to the Department Chair at CCSF of the course you have in question.  The Department Chair will determine equivalency.  Their signature must be on the form for it to be accepted by our program.


May a higher level course be substituted for any or all of the prerequisites?

The answer may seem obvious, but in most cases, it is a conditional yes.  The reason the conditions is that some courses, such as higher level Chemistry or  Physics (for example) are specialized, and may not sufficiently address the content of the course to the extent the prerequisite course does.  Thus, the guideline should be that an equivalent or higher level course must address the content within the prerequisite course.  If you aren't sure about the content of a particular course, you should check with the repective Department Chair at CCSF.


If I completed a pre-requisite course more than seven years ago, must I take it again?

Yes. Pre-requisite classes or volunteering in a radiology department must be completed within the past seven years. Any course completed more than seven years ago (with the exception of English) must be repeated, with a grade of “C” or higher.  


How many students are accepted into the DMI Program each semester?

Due to the limited number of clinical spaces in the hospitals affiliated with our Program, we currently accept 15 students per semester.


How are students selected for the Program?

Students are selected by random drawing (lottery). All students who have met the pre-requisites, and have submitted complete applications by the deadline date, will have an equal opportunity at being selected. Selection is NOT made on a first-come, first-served basis. We do not use a point system.


If I have applied in the past, do I get priority if I apply again?

No.  Every time you apply, if qualified, you are equal to all other qualified applicants.  No priority is given to those who apply in subsequent application periods.


Which hospitals are affiliated with the DMI Program?

The DMI Program at City College of San Francisco affiliates with the following hospitals:

  • California Pacific Medical Center - C, D & P Campuses
  • California Pacific Medical Center - St. Luke's Campus
  • Marin General Hospital
  • St. Francis Hospital
  • San Francisco General Hospital
  • UCSF Medical Center
  • Veterans’ Administration Medical Center
  • Zuckerberg San Francisco General


Do I get paid for internship?

No. The student should be aware that an intern is not “working,” but continuing the learning process. S/he is attending a class, although the classroom has shifted to the hospital environment. This "classroom" is an extension of the college classrooms where the student continues to learn the concepts studied and applies them to real life situations.


What happens after graduation?

The graduate is eligible to take the national board examination administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). The DMI Program faculty will help you with the registration process for this examination and applying for the California State licensure and the Fluoroscopy Permit exam. Once these are completed and passed, the graduate is eligible to work in California


Am I guaranteed to pass the national board examination?

While it is our goal to ensure that each graduate from our Program is prepared to pass the examination, we cannot guarantee that each person passes. In order to pass, one must take the initiative to complete all components of the Program, and then continue to study and prepare for the examination. Our success rate can be found on our website (www.ccsf.eud/dmi)


Am I guaranteed a job after graduation, and do you assist with job placement?

Our goal is to ensure that after you graduate, you will be prepared to become an entry-level technologist, and will possess all of the skills thereof.  It is your responsibility to seek out positions available in a location that you desire.  We do not guarantee that positions will be available when you complete the Program, however, our graduate job placement rate for the first 6 months after graduation is very high.


Are the courses transferable to a four-year institution?

The program courses are transferable to the CSU system.  In addition, many students have achieved advanced at many private institutions of higher learning.


Does CCSF offer a program in MRI?

No.  MRI is an advanced area of imaging.  The program we recommend is offered at Mills-Peninsula Hospital in Burlingame.  Contact Mills-Peninsula Hospital for more details.


Does CCSF offer a program in Ultrasound?

No. Ultrasound is an advanced area of imaging.  This program we recommend is offered at Foothill college in Los Altos Hills.  Contact Foothill College for more details.