CCSF Orientation

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Welcome to your orientation to City College of San Francisco, the largest, and one of the most diverse community colleges in California. You’re embarking on a new journey at City College.

There are six parts to this orientation. It should take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

1)  Introduction:  What is orientation? Steps to complete the enrollment process. What does your English and math placement mean?

2)  Academic Terms & Policies:  How to schedule your classes, manage your time, calculate your GPA, and avoid Academic/Progress Probation.

3)  Catalog & Class Schedule:  Learn how to register for classes and use the catalog and schedule.

4)  Choosing Goals:  Selecting programs and degrees, understanding general education course requirements, transferring to CSU or UC.

5)  CCSF Resources:  Counseling & Academic Support Services. Finding money for your education, Financial Aid/Scholarships.

6)  Quiz:  Take the final quiz to get an orientation certificate.

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