Introducing the RAM ID

As you know, everyone at CCSF has several different computer accounts, all with different passwords.  We are consolidating these into a single account called a RAM ID.  In the coming weeks, we will start sending groups of CCSF employees an email about “claiming” your RAM ID.  These are not phishing emails.  These emails will come from: and the subject will read: CCSF RAM ID Notification (DO NOT REPLY)  We are sending them in groups so we can provide better support as people claim their RAM ID.

Your RAM ID will allow you to have one username and one password for logging into the network, CurricuNET,, computer logins, and Outlook/Office365 email.   You will no longer have to maintain a separate password for Office 365.  There will also be a self-service portal for password resets (“forgot password”) much like other online services offer.   This portal will be accessible from anywhere on the Internet.

“Claiming” your account is a six-step process that most people are probably familiar with from other online services.

Step 1: RAIM ID Activation. You will receive an email with a CCSF URL and a “claim code”.  Use your Employee Number and Claim Code to login and start the process.
Step 2: Accept the computing use policy.
Step 3: Enter alternate Contact Information. This is where you can enter your mobile phone and alternate email for password resets (While optional this is highly recommended and will make resets easier and more secure.)
Step 4: Set up your security questions. There will be pull down menus to select questions and provide answers.
Step 5: Password Setup. Enter your new password based on the displayed requirements.
Step 6: Finalize your RAM ID Activation.

More details:
An employee RAM ID will be your network username as described above.  (For example, mine is jfield)
You will be able to enter alternate means of contact (cell phone, alternate email) and be able to receive a code to do your own password resets without having to call the Help Desk.
Over time we will add other services to the RAM ID such as an employee WiFi network and Web 4.  Our goal is for a single user name and password to be used everywhere possible.

We will also provide RAM Ids for students after we finish the employee rollout.
A student RAM ID will be student ID number.
Both credit and non-credit students will get RAM IDs.
Students will also need to claim their accounts.  Just like CCSF employees, students will get an email with their claim code and an explanation of how to proceed.  They will follow the same process described below.
We will let you know when we start issuing them to students so that faculty can encourage students to finish the account claim process.

I want to acknowledge Tim Ryan and the Network Group as well as many others in ITS who have worked very hard on this project for the past year to create a better user experience for everyone at CCSF.

Please contact Jay Field if you have any questions or concerns.