Gmail password resets are fixed in Web 4

Students can once again reset their Gmail passwords by using the Reset Password button in Web 4.  Google changed how we access their email service to create student email accounts a while back and that change required us to reprogram that function.  Initially it seemed that we were not going to be able to retain the Reset Password feature but we were able to re-enable it this week.

This change will make it easier for classes that want to have their students access their Gmail accounts.  A default password is listed and when the Reset Password button is used, the student password gets changed back to the default password.  From within Gmail, student can then change their passwords to something else if they wish.

Each time the button is used, the password is reset to the default one listed on that web page.

If you or your students encounter any difficulties with this feature, please be sure to notify the help desk ( so that it can be investigated.