Classroom Renovation & Technology Project Update – January 12, 2016

Here is where we are as of January 12, 2016.

The following classrooms have been started and we expect to be completely finished shortly after the semester begins.
Batmale 221, 349, 411, 511, 513, 551, 611, 653 & 713
Creative Arts 315

Work completed:
New ceiling tiles have been installed.
Obsolete equipment has been removed. (Any old TV’s, control panels, etc.)
The rooms have been painted and any original color schemes were retained.
The floors have been cleaned.
White boards have been installed.
The infrastructure for the technology has been installed. This includes data and power.
Data projectors and new screens have been hung.
Speakers are being installed.
New classroom furniture is being put into the rooms.

Work Pending:
We are waiting for the instructor stations to arrive. These have been custom ordered and should arrive soon. They are ADA-compliant with electric lifts. Once they arrive to the Ocean campus, we need to install the many pieces of technology that will be on or attached to these desks. This includes an installed computer, media control panel (to turn everything on or off, select which input to display, and control the volume of the speakers), document camera, and miscellaneous electronics that make it all work. The control panel has two HDMI inputs for laptops, tablets, etc. There is also an audio mini plug for anyone who just wants to play something audio-only for a class.

We will have a small supply of VGA to HDMI adapters in the Audiovisual Office, Rosenberg 306, that may be checked out but our advice to all faculty is to buy the adapter for your personal device so that you are always guaranteed to have it. Typically these run about $30 to $40 at places like Best Buy. There is no need to buy anything if you use the computer that is installed in the room.

We have also replaced the chalkboards in those rooms with whiteboards. We are giving the Deans a supply of white board markers so that every faculty member who is assigned to teach in that room can have a set. These are refillable markers and they have gotten good reviews from other CCSF faculty members. While we will put a set of markers in each room, we strongly advise each faculty member to hold onto the set they are given and again, you will be guaranteed to have what you need if you do that. Erasers are also being provided and hopefully they will remain in the rooms.

We also have installed new whiteboards into Creative Arts 216, 217, 218, 312 and 316. These rooms are on the renovation list and it made economic sense with the whiteboard vendor to do these at the same time that we did the others. The Deans will have enough markers for the faculty teaching in those rooms as well.

Next steps:
This is our first set of rooms for this project and we expect to learn a few things doing them. The ad hoc renovation team (Facilities & Planning, Buildings & Grounds, Audiovisual, Broadcast Media Services, vendor partners, and ITS) is looking ahead to which rooms can be scheduled next. As we create a more definite schedule, we will make it available at the ITAC (Information Technology Advisory Committee) website – The ITAC site also has the complete list of rooms to be upgraded in this first phase.

Training will be provided and announced once we have the instructor stations set up.