Online Training for Faculty, Staff, and Students

Kognito Interactive is an online training program designed to help you identify those that need help but might not know where to get it.

As many as one in five students suffer from a mental disorder that may threaten their well-being or academic performance. Suicide is the leading cause of student mortality among college students.

Training everyone on campus to identify, approach and refer students in psychological distress is an effective strategy for strengthening the safety net for all students.

Kognito gatekeeper simulations are designed specifically to address the training needs of the higher education community by offering a research-proven and engaging program that is easy for campuses to roll out to faculty, staff, and students. These trainings:

  • Are web-based, so learners can train at their own pace and convenience

  • Come with turnkey materials to assist schools in implementing the training

  • Have been used by over 400 colleges and universities nationwide

The training modules provide life-like scenarios that help develop the skills needed to handle a variety of social and mental health situations. While designed for use on campus, the training lessons reach well beyond into everyday life.

6 Fully Interactive, Avatar-Based Training

Simulations: Build Skills Through Role-play

This suite of online trainings uses learner-specific practice conversations to build gatekeeper skills to identify, approach and refer students in distress.

Take on the role of a faculty/staff member or student, and practice helping a student in distress. The trainings are all online and can be completed in an hour or less.

At-Risk, Suicide Prevention and Gatekeeper Training for:

  •  Faculty & Staff to support students in distress.
  • Student Leaders to support fellow students in distress.

Veterans on Campus, Military Cultural Competency and Gatekeeper Training for:

  • Faculty & Staff to create a support campus for student veterans.
  • Student Veterans to more effectively support their peers.

LGBTQ on Campus, Training to Build a Supportive Community for LGBTQ for:

  • Faculty & Staff to create an inclusive environment for LGBTQ students.
  • Students to create an inclusive environment for LGBTQ students.

Both At-Risk trainings, both LGBTQ on Campus trainings, and Veterans on Campus for Faculty & Staff are listed in the Suicide Prevention Resource Center/American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Best Practices Registry