Request IGETC Certification

If you are a former CCSF student who has already transferred to a university and need IGETC Certification, please follow these directions:

  1. You must include a letter or copy of an email from your University's Office of Admissions or your University Adviser to support the need for IGETC After Transfer Certification.
  2. Download and fill out the "PDF Removed”. Be sure to complete all the required information and attach any required transcripts.
  3. If you need to submit transcripts from other colleges you attended, please request to have the transcript(s) sent to you (not CCSF). Keep these transcripts in the sealed envelopes and include it in one packet. Once you have collected all the necessary documents send it to us along with your Request Form.
  4. Send your packet of information to the Transfer Center (Science-36)
  5. Provided that your packet is complete, we will process your request and the IGETC Certification will be sent in 2 weeks by the CCSF Transcript Office.
  6. You may want to make a copy of your request form to show the University Admissions Office that you have made your request to CCSF.

To assist you, here are the most recent CCSF IGETC Worksheets.

Checklist of Required Documents

Please be sure you are sending all the necessary/required documents to ensure the timely processing of your request. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Letter/Email from your University to support your request for IGETC After Transfer Certification
  • Completed “IGETC Certification After Transfer Request Form”
  • Official transcripts (sealed), official AP Test Reports, and/or official SAT II Reports if you are using any of these courses to fulfill IGETC requirements