Thinking about attending CCSF?

Join us for a campus tour and learn more about our programs and services. We aim to provide comprehensive information about City College that will meet the diverse interests and needs of many different prospective student groups.

Campus tours are approximately one hour long and provide a general overview of City College's offerings. Prospective students will have the opportunity to visit many of our historic buildings, receive information about CCSF's more than 300 degrees & certificates, and learn more about student resources and support programs.

Campus Tours are available by appointment. To request a tour, please complete the form that best fits your visit.


  •  For 10 or fewer visitors, register here
  • For groups of more than 10, please contact 

CCSF Tour Testimonial 

We just had an amazing campus tour today. The tour guide was very informative and knowledgeable about the campus. She was able to tailor the tour to the people in her group and kept the conversation going by asking questions and telling us about her experience at CCSF. 

Thank you and great job!


If you have any questions, contact us: