About the Chemistry Placement Test

* Due to COVID-19 all of our Chemistry Placements Exams are not available. Please check back for updates. 

The Chemistry Placement test can be used to meet the prerequisites to enroll in Chemistry 101A or 103A. Alternatively, you can also meet one of the following Chemistry prerequisites

  • Completion of CHEM 40 or 50 at CCSF with a “C” or better
  • A score of 3 or better on the Advanced Placement Exam in Chemistry

How to Take the Chemistry Placement Test

  • No appointments are necessary for most tests.
  • Seating is first-come-first-serve and is limited to the first 28 students.
  • Please arrive 15-30 minutes early in order to be seated.
  • Bring a calculator (non-graphing) for your Chemistry Placement Test.
  • Bring your City College Student ID number and a photo ID (Permanent or Current Identification or Driver's License, Military ID, United State Passport, Foreign Passport, U.S. States Permanent Resident Card, Employment i.d., High School i.d. or Work Visa)
  • The testing duration is SIXTY (60) minutes

Chemistry Testing Schedules

Due to COVID-19, Chemistry Placements Exams are not currently available. Please check back for updates. 

Placement Test Results

The Results will be sent to your CCSF email address 24 hours after the exam. 

Chemistry Placement Test Retake Policy

  1. If you have never enrolled in CHEM 40: you may retake the placement test after two weeks. Testing cycles: Pre-spring: October through January; Pre-fall: March through August 2.
  2. If you are currently enrolled in CHEM 40: You may NOT retake the Chemistry Placement test.
  3. You may retake the Chemistry placement test after two weeks (14 calendar days). But you may take the tests only two times per testing cycle.


If you have questions about Chemistry Placement Testing, please call the Chemistry Department at 415-452-5651 and/or have a question about the chemistry exam schedule please call the Testing Office at 415-239-3124.