Sabbatical leaves are a professional benefit accorded to qualified members of the certificated staff by the Board of Trustees for the purpose of study, research, or travel which will benefit the schools and students of the College.

Article 17.L. of the District/AFT 2121 Collective Bargaining Agreement details requirements and regulations regarding sabbatical leave. This page is designed to give basic guidance regarding sabbatical leave. If differences exist between the information contained in this page and the collective bargaining agreement, the collective bargaining agreement will govern.

Information and Application

Applications for the following academic year must be filed by the second Thursday in September. The District shall notify applicants of approval/non-approval by the second Thursday in October.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for Sabbatical Leave?

To be eligible for Sabbatical Leave, you must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Have a minimum of twelve credited semesters of full-time service at the time of application
  2. All such service required certification qualifications
  3. All such service shall have been at City College of San Francisco.

Sabbatical leave requests are ranked on the basis of seniority, and only a limited number of persons receive sabbatical leaves each semester/year.

What types of sabbaticals are available?

There are three types of sabbaticals:

  1. Study sabbaticals involving nine semester units of coursework per semester
  2. Research sabbaticals involving a special project
  3. Travel sabbaticals involving travel for at least 80% of the sabbatical term

You can request either a one-year or one-semester sabbatical:

  • Faculty on a one-year sabbatical are paid at 60% of their normal pay. It is possible to split the terms of a one-year sabbatical, as long as the two terms are within a three-year period. Faculty are required to complete two years of service at their normal load upon return from a one-year sabbatical.
  • Faculty on a one-semester sabbatical are paid at 100% of their normal pay. No more than 25% of the sabbatical awards for any given year are one-semester sabbaticals. Faculty are required to complete one year of service at their normal load upon return from a one-semester sabbatical.

How do I apply for Sabbatical Leave?

Sabbatical Leave applications are made available in late Spring, and are due early in the Fall term. Sabbatical Leave applications are always made for the following academic year (apply in fall for sabbaticals that begin no earlier than the following fall). Completed sabbatical leave applications should be turned in to Human Resources.

The Sabbatical Review Committee reviews the applications for eligibility and strength of the proposal. Notifications of sabbatical leave approval are made by mid-October.

Specific deadlines for sabbatical application submission and award notification are detailed in Article 17.L of the contract.

Who keeps old sabbatical reports?

Sabbatical reports are archived in the Rosenberg Library archives. You can reach out to Oanh Mai, 415.452.5520 or omai@ccsf.edu, for more information.

I've been approved for a sabbatical, and I'd like to change the nature of my sabbatical proposal. What do I do?

All requests for changing the nature of sabbatical proposals must be approved in advance. Send a letter detailing the nature of the proposed change to Michael Almaguer, Associate Vice Chancellor of Instruction, Mailbox C308.

I'm back from sabbatical -- now what?

You must submit a sabbatical report to Human Resources within 60 days of your return to duty.

  • Faculty who have completed a study sabbatical must submit transcripts showing successful completion of coursework
  • Faculty who have completed a research or travel sabbatical must submit a report describing and documenting the activities and accomplishments of the employee, how the program of study or travel agreed upon was carried out, and/or how the intent and purposes of the sabbatical were satisfied during the sabbatical leave. In addition, faculty who had completed a travel sabbatical must submit an itinerary.

Faculty who have completed the first term of a split one-year sabbatical must submit an interim report.