Veterans Services Office

Applying for VA Benefits

First-Time Applicants: Veteran Students applying for educational benefits for the first time should Apply online (Click here). Contact the CCSF Veteran’s Educational Benefits Office in Cloud Hall 333 for information about specific benefit chapters.


Veterans Coming to CCSF from Other Schools: Students who have attended other schools and used VA educational benefits will need to complete a “Change of Program” form 1995 or 5495 at the CCSF Veteran’s Educational Benefits Office in Cloud Hall 333.


Transcripts & Evaluation of Prior College Credits: Students are required to obtain an official transcript from each college or university that they have attended where coursework was completed. The student should have all transcripts mailed to themselves, and then bring the transcripts unopened to the CCSF Veteran’s Educational Benefits Office in Cloud Hall 333.


DD214-(member 4 copy) & CCAF Transcripts: All veterans are required to provide a copy of their DD214 (member 4) before benefits can begin at CCSF. Also, veterans of the United States Air Force will need to present an official copy of their transcript from the Community College of the Air Force.


Educational Plan: All students receiving veteran’s educational benefits are required to have a current educational plan on file completed by the CCSF VETS Academic Counselor.


Student Responsibility Contract: All students receiving veteran’s educational benefits at CCSF are required to sign a contract agreeing to comply with all applicable federal regulations and all CCSF institutional policies and procedures.


Requesting Certification Each Semester: Each semester, the student must request certification by notifying the VA Certifying Official located in the CCSF Veterans Educational Benefits office each semester. The Certifying Official is responsible for processing your certification once All requirements have been met. If the student is enrolled in coursework that is not listed on the official education plan as part of the declared major on file, the student must update the educational plan if the major has changed with the CCSF VA counselor to reflect the new major. VA form 1995 or 5495 will need to be filled out before certification can be processed under a new major. Any coursework not listed on the educational plan as part of the stated Major will NOT be certified.


Verifying Enrollment Each Month: (For Chapters: 30,  1606 & 1607) After the student has been certified for the semester he/she must verify continued enrollment with the federal VA office in Muskogee, Oklahoma. This must be done at the beginning of each following month before payments will be issued. For example: classes start in August you verify September 1, and so on, by either calling 1-877-823-2378 or by going to the VA web site at . Chapter 33 post 9/11 recipients do not have to do the monthly Enrollment verification.


Chapter 35 Dependant Benefits must do monthly enrollment verification with the VA. The VA Administration will send out a monthly enrollment verification letter to the Chapter 35 beneficiary which must be filled out by the student and returned to the VA.