Veterans Alliance Club

Come Join Us!

Who we are?

Veterans and service members at City College of San Francisco have formed and maintained Veteran Alliance as a way of helping veterans, active duty and reserve in getting the resources. This COED club is more specifically geared toward serving the needs and goals of student-veterans and currently serving military students. As you are well aware, veterans have a pre-existing bond through serving this nation, and we have common standards as well as a shared mentality which would be better served through a dedicated veteran and service members club.

Club Mission and Goals

The mission of the City College of San Francisco Veterans Alliance is to serve veteran students with the highest level of efficiency and dedication. Through use of the Veterans Educational Transition Services (VETS) center, we enhance the success of transition from military life into civilian careers through education. The Veterans Alliance believes that providing efficient services to veteran students at CCSF will ensure a positive transition and increase the veteran student's success in education for obtaining future fulfilling careers. The Veteran Alliance Club, in collaboration with the VETS Center and the Veteran Resource Center, can ensure an effective implementation of a comprehensive array of services and opportunities to build a better, friendlier veteran community.

Veterans Alliance operates as a student veteran service organization with the following primary goals:

  • To facilitate the transition from military life to collegiate life for servicemen and women, and to provide them a network of contacts.
  • To make significant contributions to the colleges and universities with whom its members are associated, to the communities in which its members reside, and to the great nation of the United States of America.
  • To promote the adoption of significant life goals by all members.
  • To foster the highest moral, intellectual, and social excellence by members educationally, professionally, and personally.
  • The union of all its members in a firm and enduring bond friendship and true brotherhood/sisterhood for life.
  • To always hold in highest regard the sacrifice that not only our members made, but all those before us, so that we may all live free together.

 Officers and Membership

  • President -Edgar Escobar, Army, Social Welfare
  • Vice-President - Emmanuel Mira,NAVY,DMI
  • Secretary – John Hunsinger,Marines, Biology
  • Treasury – Shawn Hull, Air Force, Business Admin
  • Outreach Coordinator - Desiree Jordan, ARMY, Nursing
  • Inter-Club Council Representative - Rommel Winston, AIRFORCE, Auto Technician
  • Chief of Staff- Cody Davis, Navy/Army, Photography

Active members of the CCSF Veteran’s Alliance must be a current CCSF student, and enrolled in a minimum of 9 hours a semester. Active members of the club shall have full voting rights and are eligible to hold office. Active members are encouraged to participate in club meetings, activities, and events and shall enjoy all the rights and privileges extended to all CCSF chartered clubs. Associate membership is available to immediate family members of a student veteran. Associate members are not required to be a current student at CCSF. Associate members can participate in all club meetings, activities, and events. Associate members cannot hold office within the club nor shall they have voting rights. The club is a unique endeavor and the first of its kind here at CCSF and we are continually looking for new members. Our success is reliant upon you and your participation. We are looking for your ideas, innovation, and your desire to be a part of something special!