Undocumented Students

http://weareheretostay.org/resources/mental-health-emergency-toolkit/: offers a mental health toolkit with resources compiled to assist current DACA grantees during this time, including mindfulness breathing and tips for self-care; they have also compiled a list of mental health resources, including suicide prevention and mental health services.

○   http://www.undocuhealing.org/elevating-the-soul-guide.html: a project aimed at contribute to a larger movement to return to what is sacred, which is being ushered in by the global collective resistance of people who have historically lived on the margins. This unique way is exemplified by 3 core values: RECONCILIATION, BALANCE, & CONNECTION

○   https://icrace.files.wordpress.com/2017/09/icrace-toolkit-for-poc.pdf: Surviving & Resisting Hate: A Toolkit For People of Color

○   http://www.thingsillneversay.org/: “Things I’ll Never Say” is a platform for undocumented young people across the country to create our own immigration narratives by boldly sharing our personal experiences through various forms of creative expression.