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To put the central focus on student course completion, degree/certificate and transfer success. We aim to serve as a bridge to connect students to academic counselors.

The Student Completion tab will serve as an information hub for resources and services offered by City College of San Francisco to assist students in their academic and career pursuits. Working alongside with the Research and Planning Department to identify students who are close to completing their degrees or certificates, Course Completion aims to provide direct student support services.

The Completion Coordinator will also coordinate with academic counselors supporting the Multicultural Retention Centers, DSPS, Veterans, and Guardian Scholars. By reaching out to students who are degree and certificate ready, our goal is to close the graduation and achievement gap among all students in CCSF.


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CSU/UC Filing Application Period

CSU/UC Application Filing Period

The application filing period is fast approaching! The California State University (CSU) filing period is open from Monday, October 1st to Friday, November 30th. For University of California (UC) colleges, the application period is open from Thursday, November 1st to Friday, November 30th. If you plan to transfer to a CSU or UC in the FALL 2019 semester, schedule an appointment to see a counselor or visit the Transfer Center to make sure you have fulfilled the necessary requirements to apply.

Also drop by and check out the various UC Transfer workshops hosted by the Transfer Center! You can find information on their site under "Calendar", or through this link.  

Student Events 

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