Transfer Center Services

Accurate and current info on transfer requirements & major prep
Transfer Center counselors are available to provide accurate and up-to-date information on transfer requirements, articulation agreements, and major preparation to all CCSF students interested in transferring to a university or college. Priority will be given in the fall semester to those who are “transfer ready”. Students can schedule 30 minute appointments, or ask quick questions during Express Counseling.

Articulation Agreements
Transfer Center counselors are available to help students with articulation agreements. CSU and UC agreements can be found at In addition, CCSF has articulation agreements with many private universities within California and selected private and public colleges and universities nationwide. These agreements can be found on the CCSF website at

Calendar of outreach and advising services with baccalaureate institutions
Representatives from a variety of California State Universities (CSU), University of California (UC), and private universities visit the Transfer Center on a regular basis. On occasion out-of-state universities also arrange for visits. Students have the opportunity to meet with these representatives and are encouraged to stop by the Transfer Center to schedule an appointment. Click here to view our current “Calendar of Activities”  

Transfer Admissions Guarantee (TAG) Programs
CCSF has Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) agreements with UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Merced, UC Riverside, UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz, Palo Alto University, and American University of Paris. While criteria vary for each campus, this is a great opportunity for CCSF students to ensure transfer to the one of these great universities!

UCLA TAP Program
The UCLA Transfer Alliance Program (TAP) gives students the opportunity to enhance their ability to transfer to UCLA at the junior level form CCSF. Students are certified after completing the honors/scholars program at CCSF and given Priority consideration for admission to UCLA. This program is administered collaboratively by the Honors Program and the Transfer Center.

Annual Fall College Fair
The Transfer Center hosts an annual Fall College Fair, where representatives from various CSU campuses, UC campuses, and private universities, both in-state and out-of-state, will be available to answer questions about admissions requirements, majors, housing, financial aid, etc.

Transfer Workshops
The Transfer Center sponsors a variety of workshops to assist students with useful transfer information. Common topics include: learning transfer basics, exploring TAG agreements, attending a private university, writing a personal statement, and applying online to CSU/UC campuses.

Electronic educational plans for transfer

Transfer Center counselors use electronic education plans and degree audit reports and degree audit reports as tools to assist students with reaching their transfer goals.

IGETC Certification
Students who select and complete IGETC (Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum) need to have their courses certified as part of the transfer process.  Transfer Center counselors are the primary source for these certifications.

Library of print and online catalog resources

Students may utilize the college catalogs, resource materials and computers in the Transfer Center during regular operating hours to research transfer information and access helpful websites.

Campus tours
The Transfer Center organizes visits to four-year universities. Through campus visits, students can become more familiar with programs and services allowing them to make a sound decision when choosing a university to attend after CCSF.



Caution: The final responsibility for a successful transfer program rests with the student. This information changes frequently and can impact your admission to the university. It is highly advised that you meet periodically with counselors at City College AND advisors at the university to confirm your choice of classes and educational plan.

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