Selection: I might attend CCSF, so I want to know how the transfer process would work for me.

Transferring from City College to a 4 year university or college requires a variety of steps, and those steps vary depending on the institution that a student wants to transfer to. At CCSF, our goal is to transfer a student as a junior, unless a different goal is stated by the student.

To transfer as a junior, a student needs to complete the following steps:

    * Complete minimum college or university admission requirements.
    * Complete as much applicable coursework in the major as possible prior to transfer.
    * Complete general education/core/breadth requirements of the university (this will vary depending on the major and the university you are applying to)
    * Apply to the college or university on time.

Completing the above requirements can make a student eligible, but the true goal is for the student to become admissible. Taking coursework in a specific sequence, taking math and English immediately, completing major coursework, and earning good grades are all key components in making a student admissible.

In addition, the college or university must be willing to admit transfer students. Our website tries to provide information on transfer admission based on where a majority of our students transfer. But CCSF students transfer all over the United States, so lack of information on the website does not mean you cannot transfer to another institution. Conducting personal research for an appropriate institution, and strategizing with a counselor can open up many different options.

The next step to start your transfer process would be to complete a CCSF application.

If you are from another country and want to study at CCSF, you need to complete the admission process for international students.




Caution: The final responsibility for a successful transfer program rests with the student. This information changes frequently and can impact your admission to the university. It is highly advised that you meet periodically with counselors at City College AND advisors at the university to confirm your choice of classes and educational plan.

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