Selection: I have been to college elsewhere, and I want to transfer.

Since you have been to college elsewhere, and want to transfer to another college or university, you need to have your transcripts reviewed by a counselor to determine the following:

    * Will the units/credits/hours you completed at your previous institution satisfy requirements for the institution that you want to transfer to?
    * How many more units will I need to complete at CCSF before I can transfer to another university?
    * Which specific courses do I need to complete before I transfer?
    * When do I need to apply to transfer?

These are critical questions that need answers. And these answers take considerable time and requires a 30 minute counseling appointment. Please call 415-239-3748 to make an appointment.

In the meantime, you can go to Transfer Basics to view the admission requirements for a wide variety of colleges and universities.








Caution: The final responsibility for a successful transfer program rests with the student. This information changes frequently and can impact your admission to the university. It is highly advised that you meet periodically with counselors at City College AND advisors at the university to confirm your choice of classes and educational plan.

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