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Assessment Process

  • Since our inception in 2010, Single Stop uses Benefits Enrollment Network (BEN) software to case manage each client. This is a patented Single Stop program that allows us to case manage each student.  Information collected into BEN includes (but is not limited to) tracking data on student full time/part time status, financial aid award (if any), gross monthly income, demographic information, and various forms of contact information.  We are responsible for inputting this data into BEN during or after counseling a student. 
  • To accurately input data into BEN software, we provide a one page intake sheet.  Sample questions from this intake sheet include full name, student ID number, gross monthly income, household size, units enrolled, and financial aid and/or federal work study approval
    • Included on the back of intake forms is our Single Stop notice Disclosure and Confidentiality Policy.  This is read by the student, signed, dated
    • Completed intake forms are kept in a locked office location alphabetized by last name.  Intake forms have been secured since Single Stop inception in 2010
  • Using BEN software, we produce quarterly reports, semi-annual reports, and yearly reports that summarize student outcome information.  An example of data included in these reports is what social service was received (CalFresh/Food stamps) and how much funding was disbursed ($200 per month).
    • These reports are collected by our California Regional Office in San Francisco to assess what we can do to improve and increase services and outcomes in specific areas

Assessment methods unique to Ocean Campus and Mission Center

  • Classroom presentations: pre- and post-event surveys -- about 5 questions long -- administered to all students and assesses familiarity of students with program
    • About 15-20 presentations per semester between Ocean Campus and Mission Center.
  • Counseling evaluation: survey emailed to all students who have come through the office with about 7 questions -- questions include: Were you comfortable with the counselor? What was the most important piece of information you took away? Were your needs met?
    • Emailed twice monthly throughout semester -- about 30-40 students each email
    • Beginning Fall 2013, paper counseling evaluations will be distributed immediately following benefit screenings
  • Data from surveys and counseling evaluation is analyzed at the end of each semester (December and May) in consultation with all department colleagues. Improvements will be planned, as needed and implemented as soon as appropriate, after which they will be assessed through our continual assessment process.
  • Outcomes are refined as needed through consultation with colleagues internally and externally.
  • Assessments happen continually throughout the academic year.
  • Details of BEN software and Ocean/Mission survey and evaluations analysis are available at the Single Stop offices at Ocean, Mission, and our California Regional Office in San Francisco -- electronically and in a binder. Summaries and highlights are provided at least once a semester through this website as well as annually through our BEN software quarterly, semi-annual, and annual reports