pre-Fall 2013 Highlights

Current highlights are documented each semester in our Assessment Progress Reports and each year in our Program Review.


Single Stop Offices: Ocean Campus & Mission Center

Department: Financial Aid

Single Stop Counselor’s/Site Coordinators:

Patricia Castillo & Marissa Nakano

Single Stop USA


In support of the CCSF mission statement, our mission is to help students stay in school and accomplish their individual goals. Our Single Stop office in both the Ocean campus and Mission Center are committed to providing students with access to available resources both on and off campus. Through the Single Stop office, students can receive comprehensive screening and application assistance to connect them to critical benefits they may be eligible for, but not necessarily accessing.

Spring 2013

  • Using the data collected from our Pre/post questionnaires, Single Stop targeted their presentations to incorporate more data debunking myths surrounding CalFresh/Food stamp eligibility.  This includes more emphasis on the fact that single individuals without children may be elilgible for CalFresh/Food Stamp benefits
  • Our most recent collection of quarterly reports continue to shape Single Stop's outreach and inreach processes, including targeting student populations who are federal work study approved, working approximately 80 hours/month, and are single individuals without dependents
  • Single Stop Mission Center met the demand for immigration law resources and lectures.  In partnership with La Raza Centro Legal, Single Stop Misson implemented two immigration law workshops with approximately 60 students in attendance.  Students who attended the lectures were offered one-on-one sessions with staff attorneys to follow up


Fall 2012

  • A Pre/post questionnaire was developed to assess students in class presentations to see- how many students know of our program and the services our offices provide. 
  • Developed different strategies to target specific populations. For example at Ocean Campus, outreach and marketing was directed towards student populations who were eligible for Federal Work Study

Prior to Fall 2012

The Single Stop program has been a data driven program since its inception to CCSF. We rely on assessments for both grant reporting and for program improvement purposes.

2010-2011 Year 1-we assessed what were the needs of students and found that Ocean and Mission offices had to be molded to fit the specific need of the students we served in order to be effective.  For example, in the Mission Center-the Mission center serves a greater ESL population and access to information in Spanish is critical as well as information on how public benefits impact the legal status of an individual.   Without proper continual assessments on how the services are being provided the program would not be able to serve the need. For the Ocean campus that serves a greater credit class student population, access to how public benefits impact the eligibility of a student is critical in giving students access to what they may qualify for.  2011-2012 Year 2-we identified the need for more financial literacy based on student demand. 2012-2013 Year 3-we are in the process of analyzing our data, but have found that myths surrounding public benefits may need to be addressed further


  • Students identified the need for public benefit clarifications-debunking public benefit myths will continuously be part of our efforts
  • Students in the Mission Center identified immigration help as a key need. We are addressing the concern and seeking community legal organizations to come and do workshops for students. (Tentative April & May dates are set)
  • In some of our preliminary findings, we found that some students still do not know of our program and its services. It was an important finding so that we can both address the access issues and prioritize our efforts.
  • City Currents, the monthly publication for faculty and staff at CCSF, featured an article and interview of a Single Stop student client.  This article featured the outcome of one student who benefited from all Single Stop services (benefits counseling, financial counseling, and tax preparation)
  • Single Stop Ocean Campus, Charles Schwab, and Mission SF Credit Union collaborated and presented two drop in credit clinics at Ocean Campus for students who wanted to check the health of the credit reports. Approximately 60 students were in attendance for both credit clinics
  • Partnership with La Raza Centro Legal to provide immigration law services to Mission Center Single Stop students