Assessment Process

Multicultural retention service outcomes are designed to increase the awareness of counseling and support services that contribute to students’ completion of Associate Degrees, Certificates and/or transfer goals.

Outcomes are developed in department and designated SLO meetings.  Current outcomes are used across all 4 retention programs and centered around student needs. They are refined through continued discussions in dedicated assessment-focused meetings.

Assessment tools used across all programs.  There are different surveys for each outcome:

Current Assessement: One pre-test is given to high school students at the beginning of MRSD's orientations - the post-test is given immidiately after the orientaion. Assessments happens throughout the spring semester and data is collected and reported in the fall semester.

Outcomes not currently assessed:

One is given to students when they check-in for their counseling appointment and completed before the counseling session -- the other is given immediately afterwards.

Assessment data is reviewed and discussed in planned data-analysis-specific department meetings. Ideas for improvement developed during these meetings will be implemented the following semester and reassessed per the above process for ongoing continuous quality improvement.

Documentation will be compiled from each program and stored in a central location. The Department Chair with Coordinators from the other Retention Centers will summarize that data for yearly assessment reports and program reviews.