Assessment Process

Since the inception of our program, we have gathered persistence, access, and experiencial data on our students each year. 

We gather these data through a combination of end-of-academic-year surveys; BANNER student data, including placement test scores, financial aid receipt, and persistence; certificate completion, transfer-degree completion, and transfer rates; confidential reporting (minus student IDs) from various college services including health services, DSPS, and EOPS reports. We correlate data from all these sources to identify areas where we can improve our services and the oucomes for our students. Staffing and funding permitted, we have used an external agency to provide additional assessments, including individual interviews.

At the end of each year, we gather up all these data and review and analyze them in discussions with leaders in the field in the college community and our partners. 

Detailed documentation is maintained in the program offices. Summaries and highlights are described in annual reports to funders, CCSF program reviews (as part of Financial Aid), and on our website highlights.

Service outcomes are refined each year, along with end-of-year surveys, to ensure we gather the best data possible. Examples: some of the things we review within our data is what reasons exist for why our students aren't accessing or receiving grants and resources that they are eligible for. When we find connections, we then make these areas priorities for our efforts and improvements. This process is ongoing yearly for continuous quality improvement.