The EOPS Program has a staff of academic counselors, outreach recruiter, administrative support staff, student employees, program assistant, and Department Chair/Director. CCSF EOPS is under the supervision of Dr. Elizabeth Coria, Dean of Financial Aid & Student Success Programs.

  • Fatima Shah, Interim Director/Department Chair, 415-239-3234
  • Katrina Evasco, Senior Management Assistant, 415-452-5009
  • Markeda Grey, Resource Specialist, 415-452-5286
  • Vanessa Quock, Senior Clerk, 415-239-3649
  • Charles Moore, Outreach Developer/Recruiter (Part-time), 415-239-3075
  • Dr. Raymond Fong, Academic Counselor, 415-239-3496
  • Scott Lau, Academic Counselor, 415-239-3214
  • Cindy Mata, Academic Counselor, 415-239-3846
  • Adolfo Velasquez, Academic Counselor,  415-239-3610