Book Service

The EOPS Book Service Program is designed to assist EOPS students to defray some of their book expenses while attending City College of San Francisco. Eligible EOPS students who have completed ALL of the following steps may receive a voucher to help pay for some of their book expenses:

  • Submitted an EOPS application
  • Attended EOPS orientation
  • Signed an EOPS Responsibility Contract and Educational Plan
  • Enrolled in 12 or more units each semester
  • Continuously maintain a minimum of three (3) contacts with assigned EOPS Counselor each semester

Book Voucher Service: Beginning with summer 2013, a paper voucher is no longer required! Eligible and active EOPS students need only present their student ID and class schedule/booklist at the bookstore checkout to use their book voucher to purchase or rent textbooks! A credit card or branded debit card is also required to rent textbooks. 

Book Loan Service: The EOPS Book Loan is housed in the CCSF Rosenberg Library. EOPS students must visit the EOPS office for a written EOPS Eligiblity Verification form to be able to borrow a book. Student may borrow the book for a semester; students are subject to incur fees, and a "hold" placed on their student account if the book is not returned by the due date. Titles are limited, and books are loaned on a first-come/first-serve basis.