Receiving Your Alternate Formats

Picking Up Your Materials

Once you have submitted your book requests, the alternate media specialist will contact publishers, and outside agencies that supply alternate formats. When a file is received, you will be contacted by phone or email.

If you take classes on the Ocean campus, you will need to come to Batmale 338 to pick up your materials. If you are taking classes on another campus or online, then alternate arrangements can be made.

You will receive a CD with one of the following formats usually:

  1. Microsoft Word
  2. Adobe PDF
  3. DAISY
  4. MP3s

These formats are explained in more detail in the next page.

In addition to these electronic formats we can also provide embossed Braille, tactile graphics and large print.

Proof of Purchase

When you pick up your materials you will be asked to provide proof of purchase for your books.

Exceptions to Proof of Purchase Policy
Students do not need to provide proof of purchase if they are receiving a file from LearningAlly (formerly RFBD) or If students receive a file that comes from a publisher or that is created by the DSPS or an affiliated agency, then proof of purchase must be submitted.