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Assessment Process

Continuing Student Counseling Department -- SLO Assessment Process

The twenty-three counseling faculty members of the Continuing Student Counseling Department provide a range of counseling services that focus on general academic planning, career exploration, transfer information, Veterans services, international student support, training of university graduate counseling interns and probation intervention. Each of these counseling services has an initial contact person who leads the SLO work for that counseling service.

A member of the Continuing Student Counseling Department serves as the SLO coordinator for the Department. Her work involves guiding the Department through the WASC Rubric stages, which include Awareness, Development, Proficiency, and finally Continuous Quality Improvement.

To gather data about the effectiveness of each of the counseling services within the Department, the lead counselor for each counseling service, along with input from others, has developed multiple measures that include pre and post surveys. Data from these measurements are currently being assessed. The Department convenes focus groups comprised of students who have utilized counseling services within the Continuing Student Counseling Department. Data from these focus groups, along with the observations of the facilitators, are recorded using rubrics. The data are assessed during the bi-weekly Department meetings. Recommendations from these meetings for strategies to improve services to students are implemented as appropriate.