Things to Know About Graduating from City College

Graduation from CCSF is not automatic. Students must make an appointment to meet with a Counselor and complete a “Petition for Associate Degree” by the posted deadline of the semester in which all requirements will be met (see the calendar in the Class Schedule each semester). The counselor’s evaluation and signature are required. Early planning is advisable.


Graduation from CCSF and transfer to a university are two different things both of which require careful planning. Counselors can show students some shortcuts.

To graduate from CCSF, students must have completed:

  • Associate Degree General Education (GE) requirements including math (different from transfer GE)
  • Major requirements for AA/AS (different from transfer major requirements)*
  • Cumulative GPA and Major GPA must be at least 2.0
  • 60 degree applicable units
  • Unit residency requirements


If students have completed some General Education requirements at another college, they need to submit an official transcript to CCSF as well as an “Evaluation of Transcript for CCSF AA AS Degree” form, signed by a counselor to Admissions and records (Conlan Hall, Room 107. Contrary to myth, the Admissions Office will NOT automatically evaluate a transcript without this form.


If a student would like course work from other colleges to be used for a major at CCSF, he/she will need to meet with the department chair of that major. Department Chairs have the authority to waive and substitute major courses in their respective areas. Official transcripts must be submitted from other colleges/universities to the Admissions Office. Counselors can help prepare students for this process.


Students are permitted to Petition for Academic Renewal only once at CCSF. This is a policy by which D’s & F’s may be excluded from a student’s CCSF GPA. It’s important that students meet with a counselor and complete this Petition at the time of graduation or BEFORE. Once a Degree is granted, grades cannot be excluded from GPA.


For Commencement Ceremony information enter “commencement” in the Search box on the CCSF website.

*Exceptions are the new Transfer Associate Degrees. Please see your counselor for more information


Academic Counseling Appointments can be made by calling 415-452-5235.


In addition, Counselors in many other departments, such as, LSN, APASS, AASP, Teacher Prep, International Students Program and are available to help students with Graduation Petitions.