There are different reasons why you might want to present your transcripts to City College of San Francisco.

1. Waiving Placement Tests

You may wish to waive your math and English placement tests based on the fact that you took a Freshman Writing course and/or an Elementary Algebra or higher Math class at another school. To use your transcript to waive the placement tests, you do not necessarily need to present your official transcript; an unofficial copy will do. This needs to be presented to the Matriculation Office in room E-204 in Conlan Hall. Or, you may fax a copy, along with a Testing Waiver form to: (415) 452-5127.

If you wish to use your Math or English from another school to meet our graduation requirements, just completing this step will not be sufficient. Please follow the steps indicated in #3 below.

2. Planning Your Schedule

You may wish to know if your courses from another college meet any general education requirements. You can bring a copy of your transcript to meet with a counselor.

The counselor can unofficially evaluate the transcript so you may better select courses to take in your next semester and be assured that you are not duplicating any courses you may have already taken.

3. Graduating from CCSF

So when would need your official transcript? If you would like to use your units from another institution toward meeting general education requirements for City College of San Francisco, you would need to submit your official transcript along with an “Evaluation Request Form” to the Admissions Office in room E-107 in Conlan Hall.

If you are only planning to transfer, without obtaining an Associates Degree from City College of San Francisco then we do not need to have your official transcripts on file.

4. Meeting Specific CCSF Major Requirements

Submit an official copy of your transcript to the Admissions Office but do not submit the “Evaluation Request Form” unless you also want to use the courses toward general education requirements.

Make an appointment to meet with the Chair of the department for  the major you are interested in studying at CCSF. Only they can determine if your courses taken at another school meet specific requirements for the major. They will need to sign off on those substitutions on your graduation petition in your final semester and, in the meantime they can help assure you that you are not re-taking any major-related courses you’ve already taken.